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5 Jennifer Aniston Nail Looks You'll Want to Copy ASAP

Jennifer Aniston is constantly associated with stylish and refined fashion.

From her gold-woven baby blonde hair to her classic manicures, the actor tries to keep her appearance simple. And during last weekend's People's Choice Awards,

Aniston reminded us of her preference for simple manicure polish, opting for medium-length nails painted in a warm mocha, the one-of-a-kind neutral making a statement with its simplicity. 

A brief look at Aniston's previous manicures, which were often done by nail artist Shigeko Taylor, reveals a tried-and-true technique, with the nail styles serving as a source of inspiration for those who prefer timeless beauty touches. 

The looks are based on streamlined lines and timeless colors that are appropriate for any era. Another constant? Tips, decorations, and shine are avoided in favor of single-tone colors.

Take, for example, a light pink painted over a square-shaped nail, a tipless version of the French manicure that dominated the early 2000s. 

Warm nudes and creamy whites are accented by the occasional explosion of color, even if that hue is chosen for its timeless appeal. 

Aniston prefers a medium length, which strikes a balance between minimalism and outright glamor. 

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