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8 Simple Nail Designs for Minimalist Mani Lovers

Sometimes nail art is too complicated. We love French manicures, but there are more basic nail ideas. For a simple look, consider press-ons, but if you're using real polish, we've found basic but eye-catching mani inspo.  

We love these 8 basic nail designs for 2024, whether you DIY them or bring them to the salon. 

If you are tired of the traditional French manicure, try a reverse French with vibrant, contrasting polish colors. 

Bright Line

The little design pops even on otherwise nude nails. Try adding black polish, as seen above, for a more unusual look. 

Little Heart

Although you can create a two-tone look with any two colors, we are in love with this subdued variation from Sundays at NYC nail salons. 

Half and Half

It appears fancy, but this dyed effect is simple: Dip your nail in a tiny bowl of water, clean your cuticles with paint remover, and voilà! 

Dip Dye

Florals can be simple or elaborate. This dot-based design is basic. 

Dainty Flower

On a neutral background, highlighter-yellow polish swirls stand out. 

Negative-Space Neon

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik calls Jennifer Lopez's design "glitter liner." 

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