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According to Johnny Manziel, playing for Deion Sanders would be a "sign his life" commitment.

Shannon Sharpe hosted an exceptional two-hour interview with Johnny Manziel on Club Shay Shay, covering various topics from Manziel's past to his current projects. 

Manziel praised Deion Sanders' support throughout their relationship, emphasizing Sanders' influence as a leader of men and expressing his admiration for him as a coach. 

Reflecting on his experiences, Manziel highlighted Texas A&M as a top choice for college recruits and endorsed Sanders as a coach worth playing for. 

Sanders has consistently supported Manziel, fostering a strong bond since their days in Texas high school football. 

During the interview, Manziel discussed potential plans to join the University of Texas, his weight loss due to drug issues, and speculated about his value under Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) at Texas A&M. 

Manziel also addressed the "Heisman curse," a notion raised by past winners, offering his perspective on the phenomenon. 

The interview hinted at the possibility of Manziel visiting the University of Colorado, potentially providing motivation and a fresh outlook for the Buffaloes. 

Overall, the interview showcased Sharpe's skill in conducting insightful conversations, while Manziel's candid remarks shed light on his personal journey and perspectives on college football. 

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