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Adam Silver: NBA to reconsider the future of G League Ignite. 

Since 2020, the G League has produced Scoot Henderson and other top draft prospects. 

According to ESPN's Tim Bontemps, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is “in the process of reassessing” the G League Ignite's future after college athletics introduced name, image, and likeness. 

Silver said during his NBA All-Star Weekend press conference in Indianapolis on Saturday that NIL rules in collegiate athletics have reduced the necessity for G League Ignite.  

In its fourth season, G League Ignite was created in 2020 to allow pre-draft-eligible players to be paid to play basketball before entering the NBA due to the league's age limit. 

Now some of those same players don't want to be one-and-done players because they think it's unfair and they want to do commercial deals that weren't available to them at 

I'm not sure what Team Ignite's future is because we thought we were addressing a market gap, but now my focus is on earlier player development. 

In the summer, the Portland Trail Blazers drafted Scoot Henderson third overall from the Ignite. 

Henderson became the youngest U.S. professional basketball player at 17 in 2021 after forgoing his senior year of high school to accept a two-year, $1 million contract with the Ignite. 

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