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Adam Silver: NBA will review G League Ignite program in response to NIL changes. 

The entrance of name, image, and likeness into college basketball has lessened the necessity for the NBA to sustain the G League Ignite, according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. 

"I think given that's happened, I think we are in the process of reassessing Team Ignite," Silver said Saturday night at his annual All-Star Weekend news conference at Lucas Oil Stadium.  

Some of those same players who didn't want to be one-and-done because they felt it was unfair and wanted the ability to earn a living playing basketball, do commercial deals, 

and hire professional agents, all of those opportunities are now available to them. 

"I'm not sure what the future of Team Ignite will be, because before there was a hole in the marketplace that we thought we were filling before doing that, and now my focus is turning to earlier development of those players." 

The Ignite are in their fourth season. As Silver explained, the program was intended to allow pre-draft-eligible players to be compensated to play basketball before entering the NBA due to the league's age requirement. 

The program has acquired several high-level talents in recent years because the league promoted it as a way to pay players big money before they might make millions by getting picked. 

NIL has allowed college players to make big money while in school, reducing the NBA's requirement for a feeder program. 

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