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Banana Coffee Smoothie

This Banana Coffee Smoothie recipe combines leftover coffee or Cold Brew, almond butter, and coconut milk. It's a nutritious smoothie recipe you'll want to make again and again because it's so delicious! It's also Gluten Free, Paleo, and Vegan! 

Because you know I enjoy healthy smoothies, right? Well, I do. They're simple and refreshing, as well as an excellent way to include more nutritious foods in your diet. 

Adding fruit, healthy fats, vegetables, and other ingredients to your smoothies is a simple method to boost your nutritional intake, and you can typically use whatever you have on hand. 

But what is the nicest thing about smoothies? They're incredibly fast. Today, I combined some of my favorites to make this Vegan & Paleo Banana Coffee Smoothie. 

Once you've gathered all of your ingredients, all you have to do is combine them in a blender and mix them together. 

I told you it would be easy, didn't I? And the combination of sweet banana, powerful coffee, nut butter, and thick coconut milk tastes incredible. 

Guys, you can put your faith in me on this one. I highly recommend giving this recipe a shot the next time you are in need  

of a refreshing beverage that packs a punch. Have I ever failed to meet your expectations? Hold on... don't respond to it. 

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