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Best Winter Dog Breeds for Cold Climates

As the weather turns colder, the excitement of playing in the snow with a dog grows.

 However, not all dog breeds are prepared for extreme cold, such as those experienced during a polar vortex or the current conditions in the United States and Canada.

The Alaskan Malamute excels at thick fur in frigid weather.The Tibetan Mastiff's massive coat changes to the seasons.

The American Eskimo Dog has a dry, white coat that is appropriate for the cold.Bernese Mountain Dog's smooth fur is ideal for snowy weather.

While dogs may appear to be warm in their coats, some breeds are not suited to the harsh winter weather.

So, in areas with a lot of snow and ice, it's crucial to choose a dog that can withstand the weather. The finest dogs for winter must have two main features.

Thick fur to stay warm.Strong hairy paws for walking on ice.

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