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Beyonce's Texas Hold Em makes a historic debut at number one on the country chart. 

With her latest hit, "Texas Hold 'Em," which has rocketed to the top of Billboard's Hot Country Songs list, Beyoncé continues to break limits and defy expectations.  

The chart-topping accomplishment is a huge milestone for the superstar

reinforcing her reputation as a versatile performer capable of conquering numerous genres. 

."Texas Hold 'Em" was released during the Super Bowl on February 11 

and rapidly captured fans with its addictive melodies and Beyoncé's undeniable vocal talent.  

In just a few days, the song had an incredible 19.2 million official streaming, 4.8 million radio plays 

and 39,000 units sold, propelling it to the coveted No. 1 spot on the country charts. 

Beyoncé's success is even more extraordinary because she joins Taylor Swift as one of the only solo women to debut at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart without any additional performers.  

This award recognizes Beyoncé's remarkable influence and appeal across several musical genres. 

However, the climb to the top was not without its hurdles.  

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