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Cherry Brownie Bread

Cherry Brownie Bread is a dessert loaf of bread that combines the enticing flavor of a rich, chocolatey brownie with additional cherries, bakes it, and tops it with cherry glaze.  

The cherries offer a burst of flavor and a different texture to the rich, chewy brownie bread. Whether you eat it as a sweet snack or as an after-dinner dessert, 

cherry brownie bread will satisfy your demands for something sweet and delicious!  

My Chocolate Cherry Brownies are another delicious combination of chocolate and cherries!

Chocolate Chips: For a little extra sweetness, I like to add milk chocolate chips to the bread. However, if you only have semisweet chocolate chips, you might use those instead. 

Cocoa Powder: For this bread, I prefer Dutch-processed cocoa powder since it has a milder, smoother chocolate flavor than plain unsweetened cocoa powder. 

In addition, Dutch-processed chocolate gives the bread a darker, richer hue. If you use standard unsweetened cocoa powder, the flavor may be less rich. 

Baking soda serves as the leavening agent in this quick bread (there is no yeast). 

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