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I made my usual three small loaves so Hubby could take them to work, and when I asked him what he thought of the bread, he remarked, "Oh, that was good!"   

Yah! Another success!  I can be biased towards my own recipes since I know how much thought and attention I put into them, therefore I assume they are always tasty.  

Plus, I cut back on sugar, and I no longer notice items that aren't sweet enough for the normal person.   

My husband likes it sweet!  I thought this bread had the perfect amount of sweetness, especially with the cherries. 

I'll tell you a secret: this week, I cooked Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread.  I thought this would be the finest thing ever. I had all these huge plans for making it and eating it.    

So guess what?  It came out terrible!  Ugh!  Such a waste of jam and peanut butter!  It tasted okay when it first came out of the oven, but after a few hours, it was absolutely terrible. 

I had no idea how poor it was until my husband took it to work and remarked the bread was dreadful.  I felt sad, but I knew it tasted terrible!  

It's funny how sensitive I am to things like that, even when I know they don't taste good.  Crazy!So, are you getting tired of me posting cherry treats?  

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