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Creative ideas for giving your balcony a trendy look

Give your balcony a modern makeover with these 8 inventive modernization ideas. Elevate the beauty of your outdoor space with modern furniture arrangements and inventive plant displays. 

Morning teas and evening coffees become treasured rituals when surrounded by nature's embrace or a fresh winter air

 This leads to their balconies, which are typically the most ignored parts of our homes.

 In terms of interior design, the house's balcony has untapped potential for creating a stylish and relaxing environment.

 As a transitional place between the inside and outside, the balcony provides a unique canvas for creativity, and elevating this space necessitates a creative design approach.

 Amit Goswamy Ruby Goswamy, Principal Architect at Design Square Architects, shares unique balcony design ideas that change underutilised spaces and add a touch of modern flair to them.

Vertical gardens can help you transform your balconies into verdant retreats. 

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