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Disco Ball Nails are like a party for your fingers—here's how to get the look.

Disco-glam is making a comeback, and the era's influence on beauty is evident in a variety of ways. From celebs to influencers, more individuals are wearing ultra-chic 

70s-inspired haircuts including voluminous curls and wolf cuts. In terms of makeup, shimmering shadows and highly pigmented blush are making a big comeback.  

When it comes to nails, glittery manicures are taking the spotlight on our feed. For example, consider Disco nails, 

a manicure inspired by the glittering disco ball. Ahead, we chatted with expert nail artists to learn how to get the stunning look. 

Twinkling foil disco nails are a physical representation of disco balls. "Disco nails are one of the most fun trends aside from velvet nails," he explains.  

What They Are

Beyond being beautiful, Josephs says this look is easy to achieve on any shape or length. It might be tedious to achieve the look, she acknowledges. "You need to place  

Like disco decor, disco ball nails are rainbow-colored. "The disco ball manicure can be done in multiple colors as the little sequins come in many shades," Joe adds. She suggests Vezocim Laser Square Glitter Nail Art Sequins ($7).  

How to Wear Them

Our experts recommend matching the foundation color to the disco ball-inspired sequins on top to make the whole look coherent. 

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