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Find a fairy in the party in 6 seconds to test your vision! 

Nowadays, optical illusions are popular internet challenges. It may be the easiest approach to assess sight and attentiveness. 

Engaging the brain and eyes with optical illusion puzzles improves problem-solving and critical thinking. Optical illusions also promote cognition by stimulating the brain and improving reasoning and analysis. 

Want to assess your visual skills? The image above shows a party scene. 

You have 6 seconds to find a fairy lurking among people. This is an easy observation test. Your time begins! View the image attentively.  

Have you seen the fairy? Visually gifted people can see the fairy faster. Time is limited. 

Examine the image carefully to find the fairy. Time is ticking, hurry. And… Time up. 

Stop looking. Huge congratulations to those diligent readers who found the fairy in time.    Excellent observation skills. Here's how to discover the fairy at the celebration. 

Find Fairy in the Party in 6 Seconds: Solution The fairy can be identified as the lady with the magic wand.

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