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Francis Ford Coppola Says His MEGALOPOLIS Movie Will Be Released in a Few Months

Director Francis Ford Coppola is nearing completion of his self-funded passion project, "Megalopolis," set to release in a few months. 

The film boasts an impressive cast, including Adam Driver, Shia LaBeouf, Forest Whitaker, and more, telling the story of an architect's utopian vision for New York City. 

"Megalopolis" explores political ambition and societal issues, with a central love story and conflicting philosophical principles. 

Coppola describes the film as a love story and emphasizes the clash of classical and progressive ideals, creating a narrative around societal evolution. 

Adam Driver expresses excitement about the film's bold and imaginative nature, praising the unique experience of working with Coppola. 

The director seeks meaningful discussions about societal improvement, envisioning "Megalopolis" as a catalyst for conversations on education, mental health, and societal progress. 

Coppola aims to spark conversations about making the world better, emphasizing that utopia is not a physical place but a continuous effort to improve. 

Coppola's ultimate wish is for the film to inspire discussions long after his time, promoting dialogue on marriage, education, health, justice, and freedom. 

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