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Friends, fans and fellow musicians preparing to pay tribute to country music legend Randy Travis 

According to, GRAND PRAIRIE The living country music superstar Randy Travis is going to be honored by his friends, fans, and fellow musicians, who are getting ready to pay tribute to him.    

During a recent interview with Randy Travis and his wife Mary for CBS News Texas, the upcoming event was the topic of conversation.   

Have a great time!” As an additional point of interest, she mentioned that they desired to have the show in Texas because it is “where we live, that’s where we love.”   

These performers will come from all around the country. Additionally, despite the fact that it is being marketed as an homage to the great musician Randy Travis, the event will also serve as a benefit for the Randy Travis Foundation.   

As a consequence of the event, he was unable to communicate verbally. Increasing people’s awareness about strokes is the primary focus of the majority of the efforts that his foundation undertakes.   

“Fortunately, we have survived that, and we have a wonderful life and a wonderful opportunity to share with people what we have learned from the experience about strokes, stroke awareness and preventing strokes,” according to the woman.    

Furthermore, he is a co-writer on a number of Travis’s successful songs, including “Forever and Ever Amen,” amongst other songs produced by Travis. Overstreet has been a contributor to the writing of a number of Travis’s successful songs, including “Forever and Ever, Amen.  

“Years ago,” Mary reflected on the event, “he mentioned that when he began his musical journey, ‘I believed that if I could impact just one life, then I had fulfilled my purpose.   

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