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Hallmark Puts Its Own Spin on Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility'

When Hallmark Media sought to expand their popular Mahogany brand to include programs on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, they hoped to increase diversity in their projects and networks.

They've definitely delivered in recent years. Mahogany's most recent project is a basic adaptation of a Jane Austen classic, with a diverse cast.

Here's all we know about Sense and Sensibility, including a Parade exclusive preview. Take a peek.Following the death of their family patriarch, the Dashwood women's financial circumstances alter dramatically, 

forcing them to leave their mansion for a humble cottage in Devonshire. Elinor (Deborah Ayorinde), the practical eldest daughter,

quickly falls for Edward Ferrars (Dan Jeannotte), an equally pragmatic gentleman. Meanwhile, her passionate sister Marianne (Bethany Antonia) rejects the advances of their steady new neighbor Colonel Brandon (Akil Largie)

in favor of the far more thrilling John Willoughby (Victor Hugo). When Elinor and Marianne's romantic prospects do not go as planned, each sister learns to accept the other's attitude to heart issues.

Hallmark launched Mahogany, a card and gift brand aimed for the African-American population, about 40 years ago. It explores themes like family, community, human connection, and positivism.

Hallmark Media opted to adapt the legendary brand into a series of films that explore the Mahogany brand's concepts.

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