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Interesting Facts About Randy Travis: His Life and Biography

Marshville, North Carolina, was the birthplace of Randy Travis, born Randy Bruce Traywick on May 4, 1959.  

Mother was a textile manufacturing worker, father a horse breeder. 

Travis' father encouraged him and his brother to become musicians since they were talented.  

Randy started playing guitar and singing in the church of Christ in 1967.  

Randy Traywick got his brother to perform at local clubs and talent shows in 1969. Even though his father liked music, Randy often fought him. 

He dropped out of high school and got into trouble. He was charged with motor theft and burglary. 

Career Start   Randy Traywick won a Country City USA nightclub talent contest in 1975, changing Travis' life.  

The club owner hired the teenage vocalist and cook.Success to Fame 

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