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James Gunn rips an AI image from the Superman set...But how many will it fool?  

There have been a ton of rumors and speculations regarding almost every facet of James Gunn's impending Superman movie, which makes sense given its importance and all that is at stake.   

Although Gunn has given fans some teasers through set images and costume disclosures, there have nonetheless been phony leaks on the internet.   

Gunn is now criticizing them for not only attempting to con fans but also doing it so badly.  

James Gunn criticized the photograph for being completely absurd and pointing out that it was clearly created by artificial intelligence in response to a Threads follower who had inquired about a purported photo from the set of Superman (previously Superman: Legacy).  

Examining the cartoonish attire, lack of substance, and bodily defects, let's see what Gunn thought of the Superman image.  

"Let's investigate. Is it possible for the man on the left to snap a picture of an enigmatic black blob with his eye via the eyeball on the front of his cap?  

Is the man on the right really that foolish to wear his pants with the drawstring in the back, or can his torso really extend out of his right hip? Do David Corenswet's hands have no bones or veins and are instead composed of wax?   

Is it possible that Superman's trunks are made of yarn? You'll be able to find the solution on your own if you ask yourself these questions.Given that this Superman stunt is among the most blatantly evident false photos to ever "leak" off a film set—watermarked or not—Gunn handled it appropriately.  

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