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King'reduced to tears' by cancer sympathy texts 

On his first formal appearance after revealing his cancer diagnosis, King Charles claimed letters of support had "reduced me to tears". 

He met Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who commented, "Wonderful to see you looking so well." 

"It's all done by mirrors," the King quipped, lightening the mood. 

The King told Mr. Sunak that the cards and well wishes had touched him. 

.The monarch shook hands with Mr Sunak as he arrived for the Buckingham Palace audience on Wednesday afternoon, sure of the public's interest in his health. 

The King sat with the prime minister in the magnificent Audience Room, surrounded by portraits of his royal relations and a Canaletto Thames painting, looking relaxed in a blue pinstriped suit. 

While receiving treatment, the King has discontinued public visits but is performing his duties as head of state, including this regular meeting with the prime minister. 

.After Mr. Sunak arrived, the King thanked him for his messages and praised cancer charity. 

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