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LeBron James wants a multiyear, nine-figure deal from the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been on a roll lately

and everyone is wondering if they will be able to maintain that momentum long enough to enter the playoffs. 

But there's another important question about their destiny after this spring: Will LeBron James remain or go?

There is reason to believe he will contemplate leaving the Lakers

especially if they fail to advance in the playoffs this season. 

 However, there appears to be a growing sense that he intends to stay put.

During All-Star weekend, James stated that he has been really pleased with his time with the Lakers and hopes that trend continues

Many Lakers supporters would probably laugh at the very thought of the team giving him such an exorbitant sum of money

especially at this point in his career, when it is unknown how long he will be able to play at an elite level. 

However, the alternative is to have little chance of winning an NBA title for many years, if not decades.

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