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Madonna Speaks Out Against Ageism in a New Video

In a new ad for Brazilian bank Itaú, Madonna, 65, asserts that she "has no age" and rejects ageism. 

"They call me the Queen of Pop." I realize it's a compliment, but monarchies are a thing of the past. I'm not. I have no age. I'm all ages.

"It's not about who I am; it's about how many I am," she says as she ascends a gigantic staircase in a long black gown, 

dripping with jewelry and occasionally dropping (actual) pearls from her mouth. "Count my accomplishments, not the number of years I have spent on this world. 

"I am always re-inventing myself so that I can keep being myself," she explains in the spot, as her popular 1990 song "Vogue" plays in the background.

"I believe that staying put is the most contentious thing I've ever done. I've witnessed several stars come and fade... But my light will not dim.

Not everyone is heading to the future, but I am. I will keep going. Today, tomorrow, and in the next hundred years. "We are made of the future."

Madonna has long responded to scathing criticisms of her fluctuating image, particularly in recent years.

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