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Nail art options to flaunt for this summer

This summer, The Telegraph presents you the best in nail fashion from salons across the city, with lively neons, fresh florals, baby pinks, and electrifying blues.  

We looked through the work of some of the best nail salons and handpicked a couple of their styles that should be on your beauty to-do list this season. I'm getting you a look book! 

Adorn your nails with authentic dried flowers suspended in clear gel lacquer. This technique works with a variety of nail lengths. You can select from a range of vivid real dried flowers to match your mood or wardrobe. 

The elaborate artwork alone takes more than an hour to finish. The floral designs are accented with bright white French tips and gold embellishments.  

The colors are bright and eye-catching, and this one will have everyone talking about how great your nails look. 

neon Light and sunny baby pink and mint green transport us to candy paradise with this bubblegum-inspired manicure style. 

The golden embellishments offer a touch of glitter and soften the overall appearance and feel of the design. 

Make your nails stand out with an easy cool summer gel polish. A gel nail extension is a simple solution to keep your nail color and design intact. This adorable three-dimensional kitten style is for the fun-loving female who isn't afraid to experiment. 

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