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If you always plan your next nail art discreetly, you agree life's too short for dull nails. After all, aren't your nails usually on display?  

Even now! Reason enough to choose bold nail art.We selected the best nail art ideas to help you with your manicure. 

If you are up for a DIY, apply a pink gel base coat. After the pink coat dries, get creative with a white or black gel lacquer and a fine-tipped nail brush. The more abstract your designs, the quirkier the effect. 

1. Gel nail art

Why not have a manicure that looks good day and night? The variations of blue, punctuated with shimmer, in a bomb acrylic finish can be worn from a mid-day brunch to a late-night party. The acrylic finish look with a glittery accent nail is easy to achieve with paint and confidence. 

2. Acrylic nail art

Geometric nail art is fun since you choose the structural design. All you need is tape and patience. Choose two accent nails and paint them vibrantly. 

3. Geometric nail art

Let us redefine floral nail art by creating a busy floral print on a black base using white and yellow. Draw the flowers freestyle with a fine-tip brush and do not worry about perfection. These tiny flowers grow on you – pinky promise! Paint the rest of your nails a poppy yellow to add vibrancy. 

4. Floral nail art

An accent nail with a unicorn portrait is a subtle way to show your love for the mythical creature and perfect for everyday wear. Add a magnificent horn to your finger tip and paint the rest of your nails a solid candy pink to keep it simple and poppy. 

5. Unicorn nail art

On a matte black base coat, press a sheet of gold foil and gently lift. Go bold or subtle—there is plenty of room for customization. Stick to only two golden fingernails to maximize the effect of this Midas-inspired nail art. 

6. Gold foil nail art

What better way to show boo that you love him with all your heart (and nails) than Valentine's nail art with solid red hearts for tips? Imagine how enticing your mani would look as you swirl your wine. Ooh la la. Start with a clear base coat, then the heart, and finish with a glossy top coat. 

7. Valentine’s nail art

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