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Every Monday morning, my husband and I look forward to Nature's Chia Pudding Breakfast. Monday is the day we have chosen to recharge. It is our day to turn off the laptops and social media phone apps and spend time outside.

We try to live up to our conscious decision to rest and refresh our body, mind, and soul.

On Mondays, we bring our thermos of gourmet coffee and two breakfast containers filled with creamy chia pudding, luscious tropical fruit, toasty coconut, nutritious cacao nibs, and crunchy seeds or nuts. 

Then we put a lid on each bounty, grab two spoons, and head to the beach.We rush out the door, avoiding the temptation to eat until our towels are softly laid on the beach, facing the deep blue sea.

Are you imagining things? The fresh air, relaxing noises, and beauty of nature are all extremely therapeutic for us. And I want you to have this amazing, free experience as well.

Okay, I'm dodging whatever stuff you're tossing at me right now. I understand it. Not everyone has the wonderful opportunity to go to the beach on Monday. 

In fact, going to the beach may not be in your plans any day of the week. But, please bear with me while I build a picture of how it could work for you.

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