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This nutritious Neapolitan Chia Pudding can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. It is simple to make and ideal for on-the-go!

The Neapolitan Chia Pudding can be prepared the night before. It's quick and simple to prepare, making it ideal for weekday meals.

Neapolitan ice cream was created by someone who was really clever, as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla went so well together. The vegan chia pudding is no exception.

 The flavors blend perfectly.Overnight oats can also be prepared ahead of time. I fell in love with them after making some Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats for an overnight vacation out of town.

Another advantage of chia pudding is its portability. They're ideal for traveling, just like my overnight oats.

Breakfast can be the most challenging meal of the day for a vegan road trip. I no longer eat at restaurants since I normally fill up on a fruit bowl and hash browns,

only to feel hungry an hour or two later. Not to mention that I generally need a nap afterwards.

This healthful Banana Chia Pudding with Oat Milk is ideal for breakfast, dessert, or snacking. It is full with nutrients.  

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