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New thriller Mercy Falls stars Outlander's Lauren Lyle. 

Fans remember Lauren Lyle from her supporting role as Marsali MacKimmie Fraser in Outlander and her current appearance as Karen Pirie's detective. 

She's now in cinema, starring in the suspenseful thriller Mercy Falls. 

Mercy Falls, starring Lyle as Rhona, is playing in UK theaters before its November 9 digital release.  

She and her friends scour the Scottish highlands for a long-lost family cabin. 

Rhonda's quest becomes a nightmare when a catastrophic accident leads to a murder and a brutal fight for survival. 

Did the role come about because you wanted more movie roles or was it just the right project and time? 

Lauren Lyle: Movie roles were my goal. I had just finished filming Karen Pirie, which was a break from a large leading role and your own program, when we filmed it almost two years ago. 

After a lot of TV, I decided I should consider what else I wanted to do. 

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