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Only keen eyes can identify 3 groundnut photo discrepancies in 7 seconds! 

Spot the Difference puzzles are fun and challenge readers' attention. In this assignment, readers must identify distinctions between two seemingly identical photos. Differences can include object shape, size, position, and orientation.  

Regularly practicing such exercises may improve concentration and observation. How good is your observation? 

Find out today! The graphic above shows groundnut on a plate. At first glance, the photos are similar. 

A closer glance at the photographs will reveal the discrepancies. The title implies that you have 7 seconds to locate three differences between the two photographs. 

Your time begins! This exercise tests your observation skills. Some changes are obvious, while others are harder.  

Closely examine the image and list the differences. Such exercises may increase focus and memory brain regions, according to research.  

Regularly practicing these activities will improve concentration and memory. Speed up—time is running out. And…. Time up. 

Were all the differences identified in time? Congratulations to readers who observed all the distinctions. Stop searching and check out the solutions below. 

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