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Only people with 'high IQs' can find a hidden face in an optical illusion in 9 seconds.

During their downtime, some players will even take up a crossword book or a Sudoku problem to polish their skills in preparation for when they are needed again.

. It is your job to point out the differences between the two chicken photos. We'll find out how good you are at identifying items!

Whatever your motivation, brain teasers provide a plethora of dazzling benefits to those who dare to take them on. 

The vast list of benefits, ranging from greater memory to improved concentration, definitely sounds appealing. 

There is only one way to discover. You have nine seconds to discover the hidden face in this image in the latest brain teaser.

It is encouraged that you play against the clock, but we won't tell if you prefer to play alone.

As previously stated, it is well worth your time to try the puzzles, even if you exceed the time limitations.

If you're a first-time player, it may take a few attempts at similar quizzes to get your head around the puzzle approach. 

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