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Optical Illusion IQ Test: In just 11 seconds, use your sharpest vision to identify a tomato among cherries! 

Optical illusions that require people to discover hidden things reveal the brain's sophisticated workings. 

These optical illusion tests are complex perception, intellect, and cognitive agility tests. 

.You think your eyes are sharp? Our brainteaser will test your vision and attention to detail like never before. One sneaky tomato hides among the cherries. 

This exam tests your attention to detail, processing speed, and perseverance as well as your ability to detect subtle red hues. 

Only those with great detail and lightning-fast cognitive processing will win.  

This task is about demonstrating your intelligence and perceptiveness in seconds, not merely locating a tomato. 

If you find the tomato in time, pat yourself on the back.  

You stand out for your intelligence and visual acuity.No worries if you couldn't find the tomato in this picture. 

See the optical illusion solution below. 

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