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Our honest assessment of Hello Fresh meal kits.

If you've ever found yourself looking at the stove as if it were your sworn enemy rather than an inanimate object, it's time to try a food delivery service. 

 These convenient choices can save time that would otherwise be spent on grocery shopping, preparation and, arguably, the most feared part: a washbasin full of dishes (insert thunderclap and wailing sounds). 

That's how I felt when I decided to give HelloFresh, promoted as America's most popular meal kit (with the wording prominently displayed on the company's homepage, no less), a try. 

 I tried some of the delivery service's healthy meal alternatives and looked through the company's (very extensive) menu of weekly menus.

After four weeks of using HelloFresh, I sat down to write an honest evaluation of the meal delivery service.

You may read about my overall impressions of HelloFresh below, as well as whether I would suggest it to you.

There is a lot to cover here, from individual expenses to the variety of recipes available week after week. Starting with the method itself, here is my whole analysis. 

If you're new to meal kits, here is how they usually work: You select the amount of meals you want per week, your chosen recipes for each delivery, and wait for a large box filled with everything you need to cook. 

 Ingredients are pre-portioned and should be temperature-controlled, so you only need to perform minimal prep work.

So let's go over how HelloFresh handled these steps in the process. First, sign up. I found the tour to be rather basic. 

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