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Overnight Banana Bread Chia Pudding

This matcha chia seed pudding is really simple to make (essentially a must-have for us) and packed with health benefits. 

First, we have matcha. This powerful superfood is high in antioxidants, and as we all know, antioxidants help decrease cell damage, which can accelerate the aging process.

Matcha is also a fantastic method to get your caffeine fix in the morning without the jitters because it a) has less caffeine than coffee and b) contains L-theanine, a molecule that slows caffeine absorption into the bloodstream. 

Chia seeds, the second star of the show, are a great plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can benefit everything from brain function to beautiful hair. 

 These seeds are also high in fiber (which most people do not get enough of), which helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiota. And because fiber digests slowly, it keeps you fuller for longer. 

Overnight Chia Pudding that tastes exactly like banana bread! The ideal dairy-free and gluten-free option for breakfast, snack, or dessert. 

This Banana Bread Chia Pudding is high in protein, prepared with oatmilk, and filled with warming spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. 

CARAMELISE THE BANANAS ♨️ Instructions for toasting walnuts include FAQs, expert tips, substitutions, variations, storage, and related recipes. The major component in this delicious Banana Bread Chia Pudding is chia seeds, and the old phrase "good things come in small packages" certainly applies here. 

This potent superfood, which is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aids in the battle against free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and cell damage. If you love bananas, try these Vegan Banana Pancakes. 

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