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Papaya chia pudding is a dish that combines chia seeds, papaya fruit, and coconut milk to create the most delectable pudding possible. This tropical fruit is known for its delightfully sweet flavor.

In the event that you have a few papaya fruits lying around in the refrigerator, what would you do with them?

The solution to that problem is to prepare a pudding made with papaya and chia seeds. My website reveals that I do not create a great lot of recipes that are based on chia seeds; 

in fact, I am much more fond to incorporating them into my smoothies than I am to making them into other dishes.

I am embarrassed to report that the last time I published a dish that was based on chia seeds was over two years ago. 

That recipe was my blueberry and banana overnight chia seed oats. Yes, that is a pretty horrible thing, and I apologize for it.

To be honest, my chia seed oatmeal is definitely one of the most popular recipes that I have ever created, so I don't understand why I haven't been more interested in chia seeds.

Allow me to make up for the time I've missed by serving you some of my scrumptious papaya chia pudding.

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