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Papaya oatmeal with crispy macadamia granola is my latest healthy vegan breakfast. 

The silky buttery papaya and warm oats taste delicious, especially with the sweet and crunchy topping.

Like my dollar-size Buckwheat Banana Pancakes, it's low in sugar, high in fiber, and tastes like dessert for breakfast.

Organic papaya is designated as GMO-free. Rolled oats are traditional oats that have a chewy texture. If gluten-free is desired, select that option.

Raw macadamia nuts can be substituted with pecan halves, walnut bits, or entire almonds.

Raw sunflower seeds can be replaced with raw pumpkin seeds. Sesame seeds - Their small size helps keep the crispy granola topping together.

Real maple syrup - A little goes a long way and is a healthier alternative to processed sweeteners.

Make the maple-glazed macadamia nut granola first, then allow it to firm while the oatmeal cooks.

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