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Patriots' Pursuit: Mac Jones Emerges as Tom Brady's Potential Successor

The New England Patriots have finally made the decision to press the reset button and usher in a new era after spending several seasons in the NFL without Tom Brady to guide them.

The famous head coach Bill Belichick is no longer in charge of the Patriots. 

Former great linebacker Jerod Mayo will take over a roster that is in transition and will not have a reliable first-string quarterback to help the team win the Super Bowl. 

Mac Jones was considered as Brady's replacement for a while, particularly after he guided New England into the playoffs as a rookie in 2021.  

However, over the last two seasons, Jones and the team have been less friendly, and the Patriots are prepared to search for a new center, possibly using their high first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Jones' rookie contract has a fifth-year option that the Patriots are unlikely to pick up, according to MassLive reporter Mark Davis. 

This means that Jones will become a free agent after the 2024 campaign.

Thus, in order to avoid losing Jones for free, it seems likely that New England will deal Jones to another team in spring.

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