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Patriots ten-time Matthew Slater of the Pro Bowl special team has announced his retirement. 

A top New England Patriots player is retiring. 

After 16 NFL seasons with the Pats, special teams star Matthew Slater retired on Tuesday. 

"For the last 25 years of my life, 16 of them as a New England Patriot, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to emulate the man I saw on those fields in Meridian by playing the game I love so much," he stated on the team's website. 

"I've done my best to honor the game. Although my relationship with the game must change, my passion for it will always remain. 

"While playing football, God taught, disciplined, encouraged, and developed me. 

"I arrived here as a young man with dreams in 2008. I may retire in 2024 knowing this experience exceeded my hopes and dreams." 

One of the finest special teams players ever, Slater earned 10 Pro Bowl berths and five All-Pro honors (two first-team). 

The UCLA fifth-round pick was a world-class gunner and tackler. Last offseason, Bill Belichick called Slater the best core special teamer "all time." 

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