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Rock music's historical background. Randy Travis

After a troubled childhood that often placed him in jail, North Carolina's Randy Travis became a country musician and one of the first neo-traditionalists to market his music to pop audiences.  

He changed his name and debuted in 1983 with Randy Ray Live At The Nashville Palace after moving to Nashville in 1981.  

Suddenly noticed for his good looks rather than compositional talents, he became a sensation with 1982, On The Other Hand, Diggin' Up Bones, No Place Like Home, and Storms Of Life (Warner, 1986). 

Always And Forever (1987) and Old 8x10 (1988) produced Paul Fraser & Terry Stafford's Forever And Ever Amen, I Won't Need You Anymore, Too Gone Too Long, I Told You So, Honky Tonk Moon, Deeper Than The Holler. 

No Holdin' Back (1989) added Is It Still Over and It's Just A Matter Of Time. 

Heroes And Friends (1990) included duets with country and non-country music icons.  

Though undertalented, he was Nashville's most famous musician. 

Professional songwriters wrote most of his hits. 

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