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Sofia Vergara and Netflix Griselda Blanco’s Estate Files Lawsuit Regarding Upcoming Series

Sofia Vergara and Netflix have been sued by Griselda Blanco’s estate for the upcoming series “Griselda.”

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Florida, seeks a court injunction to prevent the release of the miniseries, which is set to premiere on January 25th, due to claimed illegal use of the family’s image and likeness. 

The show, which stars Vergara as Griselda Blanco, follows the famed cartel leader known as “the Godmother” as she rises through the drug trafficking ranks in 1980s Miami. Vergara works as an executive producer on the show.

While the suit does not dispute Blanco’s depiction, which establishes her as a public figure, Blanco’s children, who represent the Blanco estate, claim that details about their image and likeness were used in the Netflix series without their consent or compensation.

Prior to “Griselda” debuting on Netflix, Blanco’s son, Michael, had conducted discussions with people interested in developing his mother’s story into a potential series 

or book, beginning in 2009 and continuing until 2022, according to the lawsuit. By 2016, the persons said that they would be shopping the project around.

Netflix later exhibited interest in the concept, but the lawsuit claims the entertainment giant refused to incorporate any information from his interviews into the show.

Despite Netflix’s perspective, the lawsuit claims that the future series uses facts from the interviews and the family’s likeness without their authorization.

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