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Stephen A. Smith Blames LeBron James for Ruining NBA Dunk Contest in Two-Minute Rant Over Lakers Star 

When it comes to discussing basketball, Stephen A. Smith is among the most well-liked figures. 

He is renowned for his contentious viewpoints, nevertheless, which split opinion polls. 

Stephen A. Smith is one of those people who, when he feels strongly about anything, never holds back. 

The well-known ESPN TV personality expressed his dissatisfaction with the 2024 NBA All-Star Game and the entire weekend without holding back. 

LeBron James was also cited by him."All-Star Weekend needs to be eliminated," he declared. Just throw it away." 

Smith felt that the game was a "travesty" and that there had been insufficient defensive effort and intensity. 

Smith highlighted the stark disparity between the lackluster performances in the All-Star Game and the caliber of competitiveness exhibited during the regular season and postseason. 

He said that players in the NBA should play harder, especially in exhibitions, emphasizing the need to at least appear to be trying. 

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