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The Best 2024 Hair Color Trends Are Unbelievable Warm and Buttery 

Our lone resolution for this year is to try more hair color trends and finally understand Roth IRAs and 401ks. 

But largely hair). Hairstylist and colorist Chaz Dean thinks 2024 hair color trends are more conservative and natural than usual. 

Iconic Y2K beauty trends returned in 2023, including bright, chunky highlights. In 2024, brunettes' highlights melt and warm up. 

Melted caramel

Sorry to the dairy haters, but buttercream blonde only gets richer and creamier for 2024 (think: a touch warmer than the blanched version of 2023). 

Buttercream blonde

In the past, mushroom brown was associated with cold. Cold, ashy, gray, and washed-out—far from mushroom bronzy tones. 

Porcini brown

It is inevitable that red-browns will be popular for milder weather, especially in 2024, adds Richards. Last year saw cherry-cola hair, and this year will see pecan-red hair, a deep, glossy auburn. 

Toasted pecan red

Amber shimmers between strawberry blonde and copper-orange. “If you mix a golden tone with copper, you end up with this wonderful amber shade that complements any skin tone and eye color,” adds Richards. 

Amber glow

Our experts believe that baby balayages with a toned-down twist will return, but we will not be going back to 2016. 

Baby balayage

There’s a reason why bouclé has been on every interior designer’s mood board in 2023: It oozes quiet luxury (which is only fitting for a French word). 

Dark chocolate bouclé

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