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The Top 10 Greenery to Glam Up Your Bedroom 

Syngonium is a great bedroom plant. Its radiant light green foliage with a hint of crimson look excellent on a table or bedside window. 

1. Syngonium 

Money Plant is a popular Indian houseplant. Feng Shui and Vastu consider this plant a sign of happiness, energy, and wealth. 

2. Money Plant

Lucky Bamboo can bring luck if properly cared for. These plants have braided, twisted, or coiled stalks, unlike other indoor plants. 

3. Lucky Bamboo

Inside house plants like Areca Palm can grow to 6–7 feet tall. This plant has 100-leaflet feathery fronds and is called the Yellow Butterfly. 

4. Areca Palm

Peace Lily's white flowers minimize bedroom toxins and stress. It thrives in direct and indirect bright light and is tiny and adaptable with glossy leaves. 

5. Peace Lily

Snake plants feature thick, fleshy, vertical sword-like leaves. At night, the ‘Mother In Law’s Tongue’ plant transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen and purifies the air. 

6. Snake Plant

One of the most colorful indoor plants is Aglaonema siam with green and scarlet foliage. The easiest indoor house plant to cultivate and care for. 

7. Aglaonema Lipstick Plant

Air Plants are the greatest for freshening a bedroom.Air plants are versatile and can be placed anywhere. 

8. Air Plant

Anthurium has the longest-lasting blooms at eight weeks. It boasts neon, red, or pink blossoms and dark-green, heart-shaped waxy leaves. 

9. Anthurium

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum is a prominent indoor house plant that has been in most houses since the 70s.  

10. Spider Plant

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