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Top Health Benefits of Coconut Water, According to Registered Dietitian

Perhaps you have happy ideas about lounging on a beach and drinking coconut water directly from the fruit's enormous green husk. I do, too. 

In the meantime, the deli cooler is always available for a tasty and nutrient-dense refreshing sip. 

To clarify, coconut milk has a creamy white color and contains actual coconut flesh. I'm referring about the clear liquid found within a coconut. 

Because coconut water contains so many electrolytes (minerals and salts that assist regulate nerve activity, hydrate, 

and maintain fluid balance in your cells), some people refer to it as "nature's sports," as it is ideal for post-workout hydration. 

You may also use it as the foundation for a variety of healthy smoothie recipes. I enjoy it because it isn't excessively sweet but still has a pleasant tropical flavor. 

But it doesn't only taste nice; check out this comprehensive list of coconut water's health advantages, as well as some warning signs if you consume it on a regular basis. 

Coconut water is suitable for both low calorie and low sugar diets because it contains just about 45 calories per cup and approximately 11 grams of sugar.  

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