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Travis Kelce Returns to Australia to Reunite With Taylor Swift, His Girlfriend 

Travis Kelce arrived in Australia to see girlfriend Taylor Swift, who opened her first of four Eras Tour concerts in Sydney on Feb. 23.Travis Kelce, hello Australia. 

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end arrived in Sydney on Feb. 22 local time to attend his girlfriend Taylor Swift's Eras Tour at Accor Stadium this weekend, according to local media. 

The "Blank Space" singer flew from Tokyo to Las Vegas to attend the Chiefs' Feb. 11 Super Bowl game against the 49ers. 

Travis said, "Thank you for coming," to Taylor, who performed in Tokyo the night before, as they celebrated his team's win.  

Thank you for traveling halfway around the world. Your babyness is amazing. Absolute best." 

During Super Bowl weekend, the athlete told reporters, "I'd love to experience down under." 

Sparks flew after Travis saw Taylor's Eras Tour stop in Kansas City in July, so they love her concerts. 

Travis couldn't get onstage to give Taylor a friendship bracelet, but they connected when he called her out on his podcast. 

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