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Ultimate Chocolate Milkshake (with Brownie!)

This Chocolate Milkshake is served in a glass with a chocolate frosted rim and small chocolate chips, then topped with homemade brownie chunks for an extra special milkshake. 

My Homemade Chocolate Milk is another delightful, chocolatey drink. Milkshakes are simple yet popular drinks made from ice cream, milk, 

and syrup, all blended together to create a smooth, refreshing pleasure. I didn't stop there with this shake. I put chocolate icing around the rim of the glass,  

which was then coated in chocolate chips. I had to add a few baked brownie bits to the shake to make it as decorative as it was delicious! 

If you just want a plain Chocolate Milkshake, skip all the fun stuff and stick to the "chocolate milkshake" section of the recipe in the recipe card below.  

This recipe consists of three parts: the chocolate glass rim, the milkshake, and the brownies on top! The 'fun' part about this recipe (aside from the shake) is that you can make your own chocolate syrup, icing, and brownies. 

The first thing you'll need are two drinking glasses, icing, and miniature chocolate chips. In this recipe, 

I prefer unsalted butter since it tastes fresher and has a more consistent water ratio. When striving for absolute consistency, employing a consistent product is essential. 

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