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10 Unexpected Plants to Grow in February

For bright spring bloom, it is a good idea for those in hardiness zones 7 through 10 to begin sowing perennial flowers like poppies in February. 


Sow the seeds of a few different species of chiles to fend off the chilly winter days; it is a good idea to start these heat-loving, long-season plants indoors. 


Gladiolus corms can be planted in frost-free places as early as February. Thoroughly water them before planting them 4-inches deep in well-drained soil. 


In areas without frost, like Florida, February is a good time to plant cold-hardy annuals. Choose a variety like pansy that can withstand a mild frost. 


Sweet pea, a fragrant cottage-style garden staple, may survive late winter in warm locations. Cover with a light sheet (not plastic) if temperature drops too low after planting. 

Sweet Pea

Dusty miller, favorited for its silvery-sage foliage, is another cold-hardy annual that can be planted in February in warm areas. 

Dusty Miller

These traditional window box beauties may be grown indoors starting in February. They tolerate moderate light, but they require lots of light to bloom. 


February is a good month to start begonias from seed indoors. Use a heat mat to keep the soil warm. Do not transfer your begonias outside until frost has passed. 


Once seedlings sprout and grow, feed them with continuous-release plant food, then wait to transplant outdoors until frost threat has passed. 


Radishes can be planted in the South and West at the end of February, two to three weeks before the last frost. 


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