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Valentine’s Day special: Moon-Jupiter conjunction & other events to affect your love life

The world celebrates 14 February with enormous enthusiasm and feeling. For those working up the guts to propose to their crush or seeking to reignite the flames of their relationship, 

Valentine's Day is a major milestone in deepening personal relationships. However, when viewed through the keen lens of astrology, the stars reveal a different story about the love lives of the zodiac signs.  

Here's what the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the night sky and other celestial phenomena on Valentine's Day 2024 indicate. 

The most prominent planetary alignment to be aware of on this day is the conjunction of Pluto, the planet of rebirth, destruction, and transformation, and Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, around the same time. 

Both of these planets are located within zero to ten degrees of each other and have a strong influence on the zodiacs. 

While Pluto is insightful and passionate, it might bring up bad memories from the past and make you notice your partner's weaknesses in detail.  

This energy resonates with Mars' impetuous and combative personality. This could result in fights between natives and their partners.  

There would be an overdose of passion and desires, with battles and pyrotechnics sure. This conjunction happens during the Aquarius season, which is a unique air sign recognized for its unusual and progressive behavior. 

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